Character Creation

Character creation follows the rules in Savage Worlds Deluxe with the following differences:

Heroism Rule

Characters in Slipstream are larger-than-life heroes on the side of good. They shrug off grievous wounds and battle valiantly to save those in need. They’re also the sort of people who go out of their way to help complete strangers, no matter the risk to their own skins.
A hero who elects to take the Heroic Hindrance without it counting toward their initial number of Hindrances (the character may still earn an additional four points) may take any one non-Legendary Edge and ignore the Rank requirement. If the character takes the Heroism Hindrance normally, he simply earns two points as normal.


Any hero can actually learn the Weird Science skill (linked to Smarts). This represents knowledge of how to use and repair Weird Science gizmos. However, a character without the Arcane Background (Weird Science) Edge cannot design and create new gizmos (represented by powers).


It should come as no surprise that the myriad races each have their own language. Fortunately they realized they needed a common tongue if trade was to prosper. The common language is known simply as Streamer. Humans have long evolved past the need for multiple languages. All humans speak Earthling.

All characters speak their native language and Streamer. A hero also has a number of additional languages equal to half his Smarts die. Additional languages can be learned by using an advancement opportunity


  • The Arcane Background (Magic, Miracles, or Superpowers) Edges do not exist in Slipstream.
  • Mr. Fix-It is called Engineer in this setting

Character Creation

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